Free Travel Soccer Pre-season Camp is 8/25-29
Free pre-season camp is open to all registered/deposited GJØA travel players. Attendance is not compulsory, But we strongly encourage your child to attend as this camp is a great chance to meet new team-mates/coaches as well as get valuable practice in before the season starts. Best of all, it's FREE!
The times and locations are below. Please contact DOC Dean Selvey on dselvey@sonesoccer.com with any questions. Please have your child wear turf shoes if possible as neither turf is that suitable for cleats, and wear outdoor training gear. Also, bring water, an age-appropriate ball, and, if you like, a snack.
Monday 25th August - Friday 29th August
(Remember, you move up a year now, ie. if you were U8 last year your child is a U9 now.)
Washington Park - 4th Avenue & 3rd Street Turf Field
9 - 11am U7/U8/U9
11-1pm U10 & U12
1-3pm U11
1-3pm U13 Girls
Leif Erikson (Dust Bowl) - 65th Street & 8th Avenue Turf Field 
10-12pm - U14 Boys
12-2pm - U15/16/17 Boys & Girls
2-4pm - U13 Boys