Training Calendar and Notes on the Weather

Training Calendar: Important dates for 2013/14 are on the Tryouts & Practice page at Gjoa.org. This list gets updated occasionally, so do check it from time to time.

Weather: As a general rule, we do "train in the rain," if the weather is not severe, but it is the policy of SC Gjøa Youth Soccer, our coaching partners, Sonesoccer, as well as that of the leagues our teams play in, that the presence of lighting requires that all children be moved away from fields. This often means that your childs game or training session will be canceled and that you must pick them up immediately. It is possible that training might resume if the threatening weather is quickly moving off, but children will still be removed and parents should not assume a resumption. 
In the event of severe weather on training days we will always make every effort to contact all parents via the following channels...
Social media and website: we post updates to our Facebook and Twitter accounts, which immediately link to our Twitter roll on the right side of our homepage at Gjoa.org.  This is usually instantaneous, reliable and probably the first place to look for info.
Mass emails: in the event of cancellations we send a mass email to every address in our database in order to ensure maximum reach, but there is often a short lag in the email reaching you, and emails can be somewhat unreliable.
Text messages: if you have enabled SMS text messaging on Teamsnap and your team manager is able to get a message out they will do so, but this is also less reliable than the website and social media.
On travel game days, please be aware that our leagues rarely cancel an entire days schedule of games due to weather. Assume your game is on until you’ve heard from the club. (Team managers should also be aware that you cannot make agreements with other teams about rescheduling games due to weather, or for any other reason, without prior approval from the league. Leagues frequently levy financial penalties for doing so!)
If you have any questions about training dates and/or weather and communications, please write to gjoasoccer@gmail.com.