Backpacks = Back Injuries

What is the problem?

We've noticed a surprising number of back injuries among our players that have all been chronic injuries, rather than acute. Players can't recall a specific moment in the game that causes the injury, but they feel pain and need time off. They also try to return after a rest period but the injury recurs. 

This is unusually high compared to the other places our coaching staff have worked. However, we have also noticed how heavy the school bags of most players are whenever we have moved them during a practice or a game - even young players can have heavy bags, with a book for each subject to take home. We believe that these heavy backpacks are cause for concern.


Is there any scientific basis to this theory?

Please read the following article that has medical expertise explaining the link between backpacks and injuries:


What can we do?

The article also offers some advice regarding use of school lockers, digital or printed resources over textbooks, planning ahead for each day, etc. Some older players may try to wear their bag in a lower and 'cooler' way that also may be an issue, but weight still remains the fundamental problem. As well as being proactive with your own child, we encourage you to work with your schools and any PTA organizations to look for solutions for getting these heavy burdens off the backs of our kids!