High School Change Fall 2016

High School Age Travel Players
For the 2016-17 soccer season SC Gjøa will offer a 6% discount to any player who is playing High School Soccer (and not attending any Gjøa activities including practices, scrimmages and tournaments). 
(For the uninitiated, ALL U15 and older teams play a shortened Travel season beginning in November, after the high school season has ended and players have returned to their Travel teams. Those players who are NOT playing for a school team attend Pre-Season Camp in August and two Travel practices a week, as usual, beginning in September. The club arranges scrimmages for those players when possible.)
All players, whether playing High School Soccer or not, must follow the club timeline to complete Travel registration/deposit by July 5th to secure a roster spot and to receive the Early Registration Discount. If your son or daughter gets selected for their High School team you will inform the club and we will provide the discount, to be applied to a future installment payment, or as a refund if you’ve paid in full.
If you have questions contact Director of Youth Soccer Lee Kellett at leekellett@gjoa.org